Friday, November 26, 2010

Origins of the Net.........:-)

Blogger friend Swaram , posted a photograph taken by a member of her group, while on a trip to the Araku Valley, a hill station near Vizag, in Andhra Pradesh.

While several folks shudder, and this particular spider being , of a special big local variety, seems to be fairly comfortable in his own Net, the blogger when asked, said :

"Ayyo I go looking out for spiders whenever we go hiking/ trekking ;) I luvvv them :D"

This is probably what the spider had to say.....

(photo by Swaram's group)

Playing with fibres
since the beginning of time,
I weave my web,
dream networks,
to catch
dream worms
as I enjoy
the scenery,
the greenery,
making great connections,
without a sound,
watching fuzzily,
through the scenery in silk.

They tried,
they think they’ve done it,
but some folks
dreamed up a
World Wide Web,
complete with Nets
in a
different type of fibre,
instead of
catching the worm,
worm virus
caught on to them.

Too many nets,
Too many webs,
a great many
loud clicks,
i wonder often
as I relax
on the silk;
whoever heard
of listening to music
while weaving the Net?


  1. Ha ha! Am so happy our hike into the wild yielded such results :) Beautiful lines SurangaJi :)

  2. I am listening to my favourite song now while watching the net, Suranga! Love this song and your poetry...great!

    Nice to have you as a friend, Suranga!