Sunday, November 21, 2010

You really want to know what he wants ?

Judged Winner of the "What Men want: contest at Blogadda /Dec 3, 2010

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Extravagant lives,
Vagrant thoughts,
Stock queries,
Mont Blanc pens,
limitless credit,
attitude debit.......
be they from
even Jupiter, Pluto, Mars or Venus

who emerges from
Mumbai special
Cloud Commuting
in the trains,
gets ejected out at Borivali,
and rushes to catch a bus
to the eastern part,
grabs a place
and nods off
to dream,
of stuff he really wants .....

A Divali Bonus
so he can
spend and repair
the well
back at his village....

A decent
extra 9 yard sari
for his wife,
who washes her stuff
and dries it every night

He hopes the
childrens textbooks
dont change
with the new minister,
the older child
has preserved his
for the little one.....

They're redeveloping
his area,
and he dreams
of bringing his parents
to a pucca house;
unless the
ministers ,
of course
scam away the land....

Rumor has it that
his factory will shut;
the Union demands their share
from his VRS funds,
there goes his
of a decent wedding
for his daughter....

But despite
a life resembling
the potholed
of middle class Mumbai,
he counts his blessings;

A wonderful wife
who helps making a living
preparing lunch tiffins,
An older son
who delivers them to places
before reaching his school,
and a little daughter,
who understands ,
why a new school book is
to be preferred
to a new frilled frock....

This Mars and Venus stuff
is junk.

Like his old father said,
There are
enough men,
but very few
who can be man enough

He sits down
on the uneven earth,
watching the Moon
through a patch
an adjoining illegal staircase
and another house.
He has whatever he wants
right here on earth,
as his wife
wipes her hand
on her pallu
hands him a glass
of milkless tea.

His son studies
in the dim light,
his daughter
puts the washed vessels away.

He wants
so much more,
but appreciates
what he has.

A loving family,
a job,
a tired body,
and something
those guys in
5 BHK AC flats,
salaries with 6 zeroes,
and tax problems
dont have :

a peaceful deep sleep at night....

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  1. Uff ! WOW !! Hats or Topis off.
    What a lovely take you have- (as always)!!
    I would love to see all your work compiled into a book.
    Thanks for always raising the bar a little higher with your beautiful works.

  2. varsha Greatly appreciate your kind words....thank you!

  3. What I like about your writings is that they always have a different perspective which makes someone reading it feel and think...loved this post totally:)

  4. Wonderful poem - you have such a gift.
    Blessings sent to you over the miles.

  5. So true...I am left counting my blessings and praying for a night of deep sleep.

  6. Raksha, Ernestine, Always Happy, Rukhsana

    Thank you !

  7. Surprised to see such a perspective of yours and the way you brought light to entirely different and hidden truth.god bless you and keep writing like this.

  8. Really touching...depicted well d needs
    congrats 4 winning :)

  9. Wow..this brings tears to my eyes. You are amazingly gifted.

  10. Its different, its meaningful and very well deserved. Congrats!

  11. Congratulations SurangaJi :)
    Counting our blessings is the way to lead a happy life. Beautifully written :)

  12. So true! Life would be so much more contended if one were to appreciate what one has. Immensely moving poem!

    Congratulations on winning the Blog Adda contest :)

  13. I have no words to explain my joy after reading this poem...
    This is indeed true and you have captured it in such a beautiful way...
    Thank you :)

  14. Ravindra Rajput,Beyond Horizon,Deepa, Alka Gurha, Swaram, Deeps, Sumit Sarkar

    Thank you all for such kind words !

  15. Varsha and Raksha above, put my thoughts out, as I'd have liked to voice them. I'll simply add, your perspective narrated, is an art its own!

    Thanks for sharing, oh so poignantly.

    *reminds self to drop in more often*

    Best wishes,