Thursday, November 18, 2010

They also serve, who......

A scene often seen as we drive across the mountains in my State. But sometimes the chaos of the gestures by the hardy God fearing types, inspires someone to click.

Very often the pictures inspire something else. Here.

(photo by Kavi Arasu)
High on the hill,
struggling through
a rocky life
they stand,
hands outstretched
praising the Gods...

A thorny
unlike those
leafy ones,
that bend
in comfort
and presumed concern
for a
cooperative earth.

Pushing each other,
squeezing through
the gaps,
a moist sap
stored away
for the future,
these have nots,
are a barrier
at the edge of the hill...
keeping the
unconcerned and unaware "haves"
from slipping
as they
apply brakes
to lives at great speeds...


  1. Marvelous words as always! You always manage to bring a smile, a deeper thought, a sudden awareness -- but whatever your words evoke, it is good. Have a beautiful day!


  2. if you change the layout of your blog, I think it would look better.

    nice work btw.

  3. lovely words and that cactus plant .. looks amazing standing against all the adversaties :)

    indeed as you said the mosit sap hidden for use when its needed te most ...

    You know i have mentioned at other places also where people write such beautiful poetry maybe you can write a few lines describing what you thinking so idiots like me can understand precisely what good peots like you mean :)