Monday, May 30, 2011

And the Pond Heron ponders.....

Ever seen a pond heron at the Sewri mudflats on Mumbai's eastern seaboard ? Magiceye , who has a photo blog, (amongst many others) has a picture of one, pondering , amidst the stuff, on his Camera Critters post on his blog.

Slightly spoiled white habit, amidst the desolation around , and the demeanor of the pond heron, reminded me of a particular, frequently observed human species in Mumbai : the politician, who switches political parties at will.......

pure white habits
tinged with a bit of gray,
the cap
blown away to the side,
slightly disheveled
by the winds of change,
he carefully
his constituency.

are getting sticky
with the
frequent ups and downs
around him.

There are holes around
where he might slip
deep into something
some may be traps .
Who knows ?

Stepping around
with much care,
should help....
worse comes to worse,
he can always fly
another political outfit,
the UFI,
United Flamingoes of India ....

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