Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sunflowers & Meduvadas

About 15 years ago , we were travelling towards Aurangabad by train, and early morning saw our train chugging past big fields of sunflowers. A small voice, nose pressed against the window, piped up , " Mom ! we've learned about this in class ! Sunflowers ! For oilseeds ! To make oil for cooking ! Wow!".......

All that came rushing back when I saw these photographs (they look much nicer in the original post) taken by my blogger friend Swaram, as part of her Wordless Wednesdays!

That probably explains the fried meduvadas......

(photo by Swaram)

So many
golden children,
proudly standing
and waving
with their green mothers,
amazingly anchored
to the soil
of the motherland.

A bit closer,
and you see
them share
and share alike
the richness of the earth,
the support of the
verdant green,
the benevolence
of the sky.

Bend down
to talk to one,
and you see
the bright eyes,
amidst the
yellow halo,
some red
from squinting at the sun,
some dark and serious in intent,
and some tiny ones,
way inside,
with great designs
for a wonderful life,
not as a flower
in their mother's bun,
but as a wonderful medium,
so she can make meduvadas for them….


  1. Oh that ws such a sweet memory shared there :)
    And loved this poem, esp. that motherland bit :) Simply beautiful!

  2. So beautiful indeed! I love it, as I do all of your wonderful words and thoughts that you share with us! Thank you!


  3. Beautiful and as i wrote on swarams post Lovely pics ..

  4. Beautiful post. I am waiting for sunflowers to bloom in my garden.

    Thanks for linking to meduvadas.