Saturday, May 7, 2011

Formal Brilliance

I have never understood why formal means black , white, and western.

A switch in geography , whether for academic reasons or culinary reasons, makes things exciting.

A young friend, who has entered the hallowed portals of a very highly regarded business school in Hyderabad, after a willful carefree and wonderful corporate tenure in the world's 3rd most expensive city , possibly got encouraged and inspired by the peacocks on their campus, when a student photo shoot had 569 other folks in western monochrome outfits, pretending to look formal.

The peacock must have been (formally) thrilled with her peacock-ink- blue sari ....:-)

Great company for the National Bird ....

She hangs out
on the sill
of the balcony,
cooling it
amidst the green;

Never knew
the gardens
at this business school
would make
learning and flitting
through the various subjects,
though clearly
bookish and coatish,
such a pleasure....

And it's more so,
when she notices,
another peahen,
in similar
blue colors
flowing around her ankles,
running circles
on those sweeping staircases
around all those
formally dressed
in boring
blacks and greys....


  1. Awww beautiful! And I luved the beautiful friend in that pretty blue saree too :)

  2. U are everlasting brilliance, Suranga... :)