Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dark clouds of the Mind !

My friend Sylvia ( who probably has a child a bit younger than me) , is an absolute whiz with her camera, and her almost daily blog post is a panorama of beautiful things she sees either from her new house, or at some place she visits.

I've been inspired to make some headers for her blog , purely out of a sense of fun, and this picture of the black clouds posted in her Sky Watch Friday series, got the grey matter into a tangle. Being a great believer in MS Paint helped.

And a poem resulted.

I show the wonderful original, and the "messed up" resultant header below !

(Click on each to see a larger picture !)

(photographed by Sylvia Kirkwood)
They fly around,
the monsters
of the mind,
dark and agitated,
through the
usual calm and blue...

Only to
and timidly
go to pieces,
or trouble
someone else
some other time
in another land,
the Big yellow
appears from
behind the pines,
and peace


  1. You are so incredibly talented! Your wonderful words and fantastic headers are one of the main things that makes my blog what it is today and I am grateful! Hope you have a lovely evening and a wonderful tomorrow!


  2. I agree with Sylvia! But I also hv to add u r incredibly talented too, Sylvia! Amazing pics there :)

  3. Thank you so much, Swaram, for your kind words! I do enjoy this so much and I only began blogging/photography about four years ago and what a joy it has been!! Have a lovely week!