Monday, May 2, 2011

Some colorful fun....

So many people who take wonderful photos participate in worldwide weekly photo projects with a specified subjects. One such is Monochrome Mania.

Magiceye has an eye for some masterpieces in monochrome, that are to be seen in the Downtown area of Mumbai, where British and European architecture was at one time , the most popular style, complete with statues etc.

Here is the Mckinnon Mckenzie building in Ballard Estate.

(Smashing, old chap, isnt it ?)

with a torn shirt
oversize halfpants,
hair bleached
effluents in the stolen water,
he travels
without ticket
on the Central Railway,
dodging folks
at VT,
escaping on the side,
a Pssst way
of "living"
as a homeless
glue sniffing
wandering child.

Spies the big building,
slips down
from the branches
he postures
like some of the statues
he has seen
in the big city.

Someone has clicked him.

His day is made.

there isn't
any color in his life,
anyway .....


  1. Wow! I luv such pics with a old world feel and beautiful lines :) :)

  2. Hiding in the open...Beautiful