Friday, May 6, 2011

Sponging Off......

One often wonders whether humans learn from birds, or birds learn from misguided humans.

Maybe the latter is true .....

Blossoms in mango orchards,
harbingers of
days of young fruit,
by the late
winter sunshine;

And a chirpy type
flits across,
picking at the fruit
with a well aimed beak;
testing the skin,
the firmness,
or the lack of it,
the ability to
prosper and grow
on the parent tree.

Blinded by the
sips, slurps,
wings of color
and flights of fancy,
the fruit,
its soft gold,
and half shriveled,
lives to tell the tale.

Of a show bird,
who doesn't recognize it any more,
but executes
a jeté
of a ballet pose,
as it bends down
fakely, daintily,
to admire
the honey
and the gold dust
another fragrant flower
in a distant garden.

Possibly waiting
to cheat another fruit,
on another tree,
once again ?....


  1. What a brilliant pic is that first one !!! The green mango, that yellow bird...simply WOW !!! :)

    Of course, ur words - so perfect a balance between the bird and the fruit. :)

  2. UmaS Thank you. The picture is thanks to Googlebhai Firefoxwale. And one seems to come across more and more such birds...

  3. I so envy the bird in the first picture.. I want those mangoes .. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    beautiful words complementing the lovely pictures and the bird ...


  4. Woww! Beautiful :)
    And I luv those pics too :) I would give credit to u too, for having chosen them :P

  5. Very evocative.

    The pictures and verse take me back to my childhood summers when there was time and mango trees in the neighbourhood.