Sunday, June 22, 2014

Bozo, Mumbai's blogger dog, posing in his best, all spiffy, clean and smart. And there is a reason.

As a perceptive observer of social mores , setups, and arrangements, he has watched the advent of e-portals dedicated to matching brides and grooms.

For years together, he has tried meeting folks, but now thinks this is an excellent idea for him.

A special pose, by a special chap, for  a special future....

Our best wishes ...

the secret is out.

Of course,
they call this
my "On duty" pose.


Like most middle class families,
we too are members
of a portal,
where you find jodis,
or "partners".

This is my intro photo
and stuff
on the portal.

"Nice, dedicated, brave
respectful fellow,
seeks a suitable partner.
Partner must enjoy
Upma, dosa, and fish,
and living in a joint family.
Educated types
who enjoy watching TV
are encouraged.
Daily walks in Bandra(east)
butterfly chasing activities,
rides in 4 wheelers,
seasonal treats from London
and personalized collars offered.

And page 3 posh types,
driving to the Bandra Promenade
in chauffeur driven BMW cars,
for their daily walks

And yes.
Spirited girls
with evocative looks
and dreamy eyes
from Gods own Country
are encouraged .... "

I just wonder
who all will call .....


  1. page three posh he he he I am sure BOZO is much better than all that :)