Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Golden Twins.....

We live in times, when there are e-games stories, and characters that go by the names of "twin sunflowers", "plant zombies", "gatling peas" et al.  Go on. Google "twin Sunflowers"  and you will see what I mean .  Today's children will probably grow up playing e-marbles, and e-hopskotch.

So it was with a sense of great wonder that I noticed this photograph of actual  Twin Sunflowers , posted by Nandita Iyer, who is a nutritionist and food consultant, and has a wonderful food blog called Saffron Trail, where she writes  about some wonderful healthy recipes, using all natural food items.  She was recently published in the Discover India Magazine.

Somewhere , in the mind's eye, I could see a placenta, carrying stuff to the emerging flowers,  a flowering and an emergence, and a celebration, as the sun emerged.

Or should I say, "Suns ".......

Cool breezes,
So many
celebratory baby showers

in the city of Gardens,
a safe balcony
for an impending emergence,
Mother Earth
with her green placenta
pouring in the life sap
defying gravity.

And the twins
clutching each other
open their eyes
rubbing the curled eyelashes,
and see
the greens,
moist and dewy eyed
at the event.

Somewhere, someone
cheerful in the early hours,

bursts into
"Here come the Suns ...".....

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  1. Lovely words as always and beautiful flower! Hope your week is going well!!