Friday, June 6, 2014

Mango Wisdom

Folks in Delhi, like my FB friend Varsha Tiwary are very lucky, since Delhi hosts a Mango festival every year.   There is mango tasting, artistic mango cutting, demos by chefs, and tests about mango knowledge.  Strangely, they also list something called "mango consuming rivalry for ladies " . 


Varsha recently tasted 15 varieties of Mangoes on a single visit, and concluded that the Langda (Malda) variety, was the best.

Some folks swear by Alphonso, some go into raptures over Kesar, and everyone has their Big favourite.   Each name has a history and an origin, but at the end of the day, the Mangoes don't forget that they are , mangoes, and rejoice in their variety.

Something , we bipeds need to badly learn.

The eldest mango,
sitting way behind,
the slices preening
in the plates,
just shook her head
and said,
every mango
tastes different
based on
which one you had
before it;
there are some
page 3 mango types,
that pretend,
but most of us
live in great appreciation
of our brethren
from the different states.

We even honor
those who nurture us,
like Farmer Langra from Benares.

these bipeds
clearly need to learn
as they call me Langda.

We mangoes don't call each other names.

(Langda ~ hindi for 'lame'  )
(Langra ~ name of farmer from Benares who nurtured this variety now named after him)

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  1. you area genius Suranga jee with your ready way with words and your infinite wit !
    feel honoured taht a humble post got so much love from you
    Thank you .