Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Importance of being a Flying Fox

Living on a huge academic campus. with a lake, woods, and some unavoidable signs of so called development (high rises, continuous raising of road levels , breakdown and buildup of gates etc), one meets a lot of students, like my friend, KrishnaPriya, who take wonderful photos , of those, amidst nature,  to whom this campus originally belongs (before all the engineers arrived).

Please see the amazing photos in her album dedicated to her neighbors .

This photo of the flying fox ,  with this very dignified serious expression , just reminded me of a yearly ritual that happens . And something that almost always happens later.....

Much confused and tired
after dodging
new high rises,

messed up gates,
and missing trees.

at the convocation,
getting ready to walk
in the academic procession.

You cannot miss
the occasion
when so many
learn to fly
out of the country....


  1. I enjoyed the poem as a nice satire. These days I do not see your blog. At least the posting in that blog does not come to me. Thanks Google+. I was an ardent fan and follower of you found you here.