Sunday, June 15, 2014

Bozoical Acche Din

Bozo , Mumbai's blogger dog, clearly understands the connection between food, sharing and happiness.

He also notices the grumpy demeanour of those who gobble up stuff themselves, thinking it makes them powerful.

Clearly, they haven't been watching TV like Bozo has.  He may not write centre page articles,  have a column of his own , or have a ear to the ground in the capital,  but he watches and learns. 

And he is convinced that "Acche din anewale hai !"

Power shortages
across the land,
and it helps to have stuff
that can light up your eyes.

there are folks
who see power,
hear power,
smell power,
and their eyes light up
at the prospect
of capturing it all
keeping everyone else
in the dark.

I see upmas,
hear tadkaas,
and smell fish;
my eyes light up with joy,
which I share
with everyone in the family.

Except of course
a certain Desert Storme,
that gobbles stuff,
leaks black tears
on the floor
who behaves
like the Chairperson
of the Garage,
aloof but powerful.

I am happy,
and full.

I guess winning does that to you.
Acche Bozoical din ane wale hai.....


  1. :) desert storm bashing!!
    Beautiful thoughts!

    1. Ah! Am willing to cooperate if she gets elected to the House. Like Me. :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Sylvia, Thank you. Just to clarify, " "Acche din anewale hai !" means Good Days will be here again . This was often mentioned when folks in India sensed a change likely to happen after our elections. This phrase now associated with the new ruling party and government.