Sunday, March 1, 2015

A Shakespearan Bozo

Bozo Amembal , Mumbai's blogging dog, has been  fairly busy and active these days , what with his favorite folks coming home on a visit.   He has also been excited after listening to the radio interview of Deepak , the chronicler of his life and times.    And then the weather has been weird lately, confusing Bozo, on whether the rains have arrived early this year.

It is probably a great idea and a perfect time for him to relax and take a nap...

He has been someone who has learned much by observation of what people watch, and read and write.  He is himself , known to read.  Possibly even Shakespeare.

Given that he was once keen on Lassie of Carter Road,  maybe he is aware  of folks like Antony and Cleopatra ,  some folks that Shakespeare wrote about.

Something below , from that play, adapted in honor of  Bozo, as he dreams....

(with apologies to Shakespeare/Antony and Cleopatra 1606)

Age does not wither him, nor others affect
His infinite dedication: others bite
The hands that feed: but he always does
what for most, satisfies; for smallest things
a smile and a rub: and the family smiles
Blessing him when he is sleepy.....

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