Saturday, March 14, 2015

"Pi" ki Kahani.......

Personally, I go back to the time when Pi was 22/7.  Indian became a decimal country during my childhood.  So I've suffered both irrational behaviors of Pi....

As per US conventions or date (mm/dd/yy) , today , March 14, 2015 , at 9:26:53 am ,  is being celebrated as Pi Day.   3.141592653.......

In the meanwhile, Indian date conventions (dd/mm/yy), do not celebrate today as Pi Day. 

It seems Pi was discovered as early as 4,000 years ago, with the ancient Babylonians. A tablet was discovered from between 1900 and 1680 BCE calculated it as 3.125. A few decades later a document by an Egyptian mathematician listed it as 3.1605.

Greek mathematician Archimedes devised the first recorded algorithm for calculating the value of pi around 250 BCE. Clearly, there was something more to the "Eureka"  shoutout...

I am sure someone amongst our ancestors actually knew about Pi.  Maybe we called it by another name. 

In the meanwhile.....

Lady Pi

She wonders
why they celebrate her day today,
American Style as 3/14/15
with maybe digital fireworks
and Google Doodles,
at 9:26:53 am  .....

back here,
she flits
in and out of
circles, cylinders, and spheres,
making life difficult
for those souls
taking Board Exams,
a first in their life.

She actually flirted
with the idea
of travelling on a boat
with Yann Martel,
in the sea
off Pondichery.

But all that water 24/7 was too much.

She simply preferred to be 22/7 ....

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  1. Oh yes, I remember Lady Pi giving me sleepless nights in high school. And I find celebrating such 'Days' so absurd too.