Monday, March 9, 2015

The Arrival ... कुणीतरी येणार येणार ग !

My friend , Amit Amembal, has a green balcony, where all kinds of stuff grows, with great and attentive nurturing.

He recently had a bumper crop of cherry tomatoes in his balcony amidst all the amazing flowers he grows, and naturally , a photo post appeared. 

A birth is always more than a botanical, anatomical event. There is always something traditional, social and joyful in the way we celebrate.

One such event  celebrated by the family ......

दिवस भरत आले ,
आणि व्हरांड्यातल्या विविध फुलांमध्ये
चक्क चढाओढ सुरु ;

पाने वेली फांद्या उंच करून
कुतुहलाने टोमटोच्या दिशेने
कटाक्ष टाकत ,
शीतपेटीत जाण्यापूर्वी
जेवण्कक्शात तस्र्याळ्यातॆल काकड्या ,
सिमला मिरच्या आणि कांद्यांना
कधी दाण्याच्या कुटाची
कधी ऑलिव तेलाची वाट बघत ,
लिंबाने केलेली कुजबुज ,
आणि एके दिवशी , शुभ प्रहरी
त्यांचे आगमन झाले ….

सुंदर सजवलेल्या ताटलीत बारसं ,
एका छोट्या मुलाने कानात
नाव सांगितलं ,
"चेरी ",
आणि तो एका सुंदर नक्षीच्या
वाडग्यात त्यांना घेउन
एव्हड्यात आजी आल्या
आणि म्हणाल्या ,
"बाळ , आधी देवा समोर बाल टोमटोञ्चा
नैवेद्य दाखव ,
नमस्कार कर, आणि मग घे ;
मुंबईसारख्या शहरात ,
इतके सेंद्रीय व निर्मळ शुद्ध फळ
मिळायला नशीब लागतं हो…।"

 A full term
glowing Primagravida
in the balcony,
and so many branches and leaves,
stretching themselves
watching avidly,
trying to figure out
when the D-day is,
as somewhere inside
in a colander,
some capsikas, cucumbers and onions,
nudge drops of water,
before  refrigeraton happens, 
and whisper,
about it
loud enough for the
roasted peanuts,
olive oil
and lemons to hear ....

A cool dawn
amidst pink skies,
and they appear,
baby bright reds,
umbilically attached
by green sepals
to the now
Primipara Mom.

A careful separation,
a gathering in a
beautiful plate,
and a little boy
whispers her name
with great joy, "Cherry" !,
before piling on
a bunch for himself.

But not before
Grandma has appeared,
and reminded ;
" Place the newborn
to be blessed by the Lord,
be grateful,
and only then imbibe ...
You are
an immensely lucky child
to be able
to enjoy
such pure and organic tomatoes
in this city
of Mumbai...."


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    1. Aiiyo! Only the newborns were renamed. Not me :-)

      But Thank you !