Monday, March 16, 2015

Royal bytes.....

Shail Mohan, the Chronicler of the Life and Times of Luci Shail, Kerala's First Blogger Dog, recently posted, what can be only called  a statesmanlike capture  of HRH Lucinda , otherwise known as Luci Shail to her folks-in-waiting, capturing her concern about happenings in the Kerala assembly.

Jameela Prakasam, a legislator of the Opposition Left Democratic Front or LDF,  bit the finance minister on his arm and said he deserved it; as she explained, "he had twisted my arm from the back. His other arm came resting on my waist. I was falling behind and I could feel a knee kick me at my back. I turned back to see it was Sivadasan Nair. I warned him to leave me or else I would bite him. He challenged me to do so and that's when I bit him. I had not even touched the Chief Minister.."

More here.

While we congratulate the chief minister on his escape,   you simply cannot ignore the concern in HRH Lucinda's eyes.

Her statement...

HRH Lucinda
Empress of the Realms
Monsoon Warrior Queen,

Shaker of the Plantains,
Supreme Commander of the Nikon Birds,
Guardian Minister
of Shail's Castle,
reacting seriously,
statesman like
and making her disapproval
to the biting episode
in the Kerala Assembly.

Throwing chairs is OK,
disrespect warrants action.
As HRH Lucinda stated,
when asked about the lady MLC,
"She should have bit harder .....woof !"

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