Sunday, March 15, 2015

Bovine Opinions

Velas, a small hamlet in the Kokan belt, near Ratnagiri, on India's western coast.

 A young girl on a trip to study the conservation of Olive Ridley turtles there, by a local NGO, gets an opportunity to stay with the natives at the village, and has posted some captures here.

Amidst beach scenes, candid village scenes, people at work, and village folks cooking for their guests, a meaningful capture of this haltered buffalo.

Captured in a thoughtful mood.  If this was a video, you could have seen the shaking of a head in disgust.  

A pucca dwelling,
clean air,
and honest greens.

I sit,
with my ears numbered,
with fancy pierced earrings
sourced from
in my native place,
watching city folks
come visiting
and assisting them
with milk
for their tea.

I hear things
and pity you guys.

Someone makes a law
to stop someone
from killing us,
and you go
opposing it
the government cannot control
what you guys eat.

Then someone
plans  a law
to award death
to someone who rapes
one of your own,
and so many suddenly
quibble about age,
and giving him chances.

For a species
that herds males amidst us
to the abattoir,
extracts farm work
and dispatches us in retirement
in crowded trucks
to places of destruction,
and even pretends
we need to be killed
to appease Gods
in temples,

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