Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Rose Lessons....

My friend Deepak Amembal just posted this wonderful capture, of rosebuds in his house balcony, mobilizing for a slow blooming, amidst a profusion of greens.

One wonders how the earth  cares for its young.  And then one wonders if we have learned any lessons at all, about bringing up daughters. 

Why just daughters ? In fact, all children .....

A planned celebrated birth,
amidst caring greens
and those that

cleanse the environment
and make it rich
with colorless flowing nectar
and useful nutrition.

A firm green support
while watching them grow up,
greatly protected
by the encompassing green folks
coming together
to protect
the still young,
from untimely visits
of wasps and moths.

A wonderful slow blooming
and unraveling
of beauty
at an appropriate time
in consultation with the
the Sun,
and the Seasons,
and the Thorn Protection Force
on standby.

How many girls in India
are blessed with such a life today ?

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