Sunday, June 28, 2015

A piece of the Bozocal Mind ...

Bozo Amembal, Mumbai's iconic blogger dog, has been going down memory lane, and feels the time has come to explain a few home truths and give a piece of his mind,  to the fancy gas guzzling shiny lady in the garage, Miss Desert Storme Enfield, who simply disappears with his mentor and chronicler, Deepak Amembal, from time to time.

I mean, anyone can roar down highways , but it takes a special person to have a friend from  Scotland  come down, visit, and hold you in her lap.   Yamini Mclean, who made a special visit to meet Bozo at his home , and you can see it in his eyes, as he sits on her lap.

It really is a lesson for everyone today;  might is not always right, sometimes it is all you have left.   There is much to be gained from sharing a smile.... and a woof..

Some folks never understand
that might
is not always right
and it takes more power
to live happily amidst folks
than to sit,
breathe, and drip power
all by yourself..

Wax never makes me shine,
because I glow
from inside.

I don't have
a need for speed
because I travel
enjoying the flowers,
the birds and the bees

I don't roar
when I travel,
instead of petrol
i guzzle dosas,
upma and fish,
but I grin
when i reach home...

I don't demand special housing
like some who
huff and puff
get all hot
and cool down
amidst tears of oil
in special rooms.

And finally,
Madame Desert Storme,
when was the last time
someone came to visit you
and held you in their lap  ?

Must be so lonely
in the garage, na ?

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