Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Flies of Tadoba.....

My friend Anuradha Shankar, is a very successful and talented travel blogger, who recently visited the Tadoba Tiger Reserve in Central India.  It is all about the masses waiting breathlessly quiet, standing in jeeps, waiting for the Tiger to saunter by, powerfully oblivious to everything, possibly on his way to and from from some riverbed.  

Such a show of power.  Maybe some learn from this. 

But my friend Anuradha sees things where others do not. Like this fly that kept tagging along  . Much like the masses of folks who tag along for meetings of leaders in a world we all know.

And she clicked  and gave it its first moment , maybe not in the sun,  but on FB.


I fail to understand
the mind of some.

Public gathering in droves,
standing atop jeeps,
albeit silently,
to click celebrity-style,
some leader types,
who think they are kings,
wandering through their realm
a roar here,
a bite there,
a threatening look,
a display of teeth,
and a languorous,
yet sometimes hungry trip
to the river
to quench a carnivorous thirst
for power.

Folks like me,
with not much
to call one's own,
no house,
no land,
no drinking water,
almost no rights,
a constant threat
of those with sharp
money lending beaks,
and those who troubleshoot
for the boss
as swatters;
unlike the leaders,
they drive me out
when i go looking
for food,
and often need to scavenge.

Someone actually clicked me.

Ordinary me. No ADHAR.
Card or anything else.

It was unbelievable.

And I just HAD to look at myself
in the shiny tabletop,
to see
something about me
had changed
and what is it that someone saw.