Thursday, June 18, 2015

Out of the mouth of babes ....

My friend Ganesh Balaraman recently clicked and posted this photograph of a baby monkey  at the Bannerghatta National Park, Bangalore.

This one looked really wise, as babies often do .   With sharp ears listening to the world, and such brilliant observant eyes noticing  what is going on,  it was a privilege to listen to what was being said .....

In some breeds,
they draw charts
of planets

when someone is born
to see into the future.

My mother
just clutched me
to her belly,
I held on,
and I got a tour
of what life held in store
as we hopped around
and some roads.

We too,
in our way,
look for Roti,
and Makaan,
while Kapda is never an issue;
we too
have our good habits
and bad
and need to follow rules
mostly of the jungle.

But I must say
there is a difference.

I hear
this other
so called advanced breed
sometimes kills them
baby girls
before they are even born.

We treasure our girls
and we give them futures.

With or without planets and charts
but with a lot
of care and love..

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