Thursday, June 11, 2015

Mango Parties ....

Fag end of the Mango season, and my friend Pandit Gourang Kodical posted this very thoughtful photograph, with a comment on political happenings  of the day.

So many mango/kairi seeds, bereft , after a loss,  of everything folks could grab.  And so many mango/kairi seeds, left high and dry in the sun, thinking back to how they got where they are today.

Naturally, I heard, and a poem happened.....

Some swung from branches
a little too wildly
and fell

into the lot.
Some were carefully plucked
and joined the lot.
Some waited a while
under covers,
ripening intelligently,
and then
with great alacrity
joined the lot.

Some came with great packaging,
some came with more straw
than fruit,
and some came hiding spots.

Life is all about
being pickled in troubles,
some spicy,
some sweet,
some very sour,
there are times
in the Sun,
when you go to pieces
in the sugar syrups of life.

Sometimes you lose your thick skin
under pressure whistles,
and sometimes
you even get roasted
and blackened on the face,
but you tolerate it
it is
all about becoming
the Powerful AAM Panha.

Spare a thought
for those
hardy tough ones,
who gave you a life,
voted for you,
and now lie
dry and disheveled.

No one remembers
that they are there
because of an
unselfish ordinary green tree
that helped then grow.

Shades of Royalty?
Don't know about the ordinary Aadmi,
AAM is the King of fruits na ?

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