Monday, June 29, 2015

Kala Tikkas of the Mind.......

In this digital age , the sheer frequencies of clicks, and variety of cameras makes it impossible to remember where a particular  photograph was clicked.

My friend Neha  Thakkar, recently on a trip, to what looks like the Himalayan foothills region, captured this scene.  At first glance , it seems to be an orchard, with majority of the trees growing in an orderly way, reaching for the skies,  keeping aesthetics in mind.

Somewhere in this clean spic and span scene is a wandering loaded cloud, with its eye, on what seems to be a apple tree with a comfortable spread.

They seem to have something in common.

Read on .... 

    (photograph by Neha Thakkar)
So many
standing around watching
prim, proper

and spanking clean,
always concerned
their glow, their shine,
and makeup,
reaching up
to their own
heights of ambition.

And then comes one,
mind loaded
with ideas
to make the green smile;
as it spies
the short dark one,
happy in its being,
holding its fruits close,
reaching out
and thrilled
about having
a dark shadow.

For the one in the sky,
and the
one in the orchard,
those huge Kala Tikkas
are very auspicious ....

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