Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Jamun Philosophy

My friend Sangeeta Khanna lives amidst a profusion of greens . Which is great because she is a formal expert on traditional foods, nutrition, millets, regional foods, and beneficial cooking methods, having done deep rooted research on them.

She clicked and posted  this photograph of jamuns in various stages of growth on the tree  in her garden.  Which is amazing, because  some amongst us, behave like their simian ancestors , and go marauding the trees and vandalize the garden. Which Sangeeta has experienced. 

Like us, the jamuns have stages of childhood, teenage, adulthood, and  old age.

And like us, it is hoped, that the newfangled  ones, observe the old ones and imbibe something about their philosophy of living....

A worldly wise,

a few lines of age
as she sits
royally purple,
safely amidst the green.

The pink offspring,
and their
raw young ones,
must learn,
smooth color,
and beauty alone is never enough.

Life is all about
hanging on,
growing darker every day,
never cribbing
about complexion,
facing tough winds and rain,
setting an example,
and then
one day,
moving away.

harakiri with a monkey
ending up in the grass,
and sometimes,
gently resting
amidst the
mother leaves
in a basket,
in the Music Woman's kitchen,
"Mera number FB par kab ayega ?"

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