Saturday, July 2, 2011

For tomorrow ......

A posting made by my blogger friend , Magiceye, under the specified subject "Busy", as part of a Photohunt series.

The banyan tree, the leaves, and the bird sincerely trying to work the string around brought back visuals of the Vat Savitri observances that many Hindu women subscribe to. And to commemorate the wonderful story of Savitri, they worship the tree, wrapping rounds of threads around the tough tree trunk, praying that they are granted the same husband for 7 more lives (reincarnations).

Just wondered what the bird could be thinking.

(photo of ladies by Google)
(photo by Deepak Amembal Magiceye)
high up
in the Banyan tree,
she watched
those colorful bipeds,
swathed in 9 yards
of silk,
jewellery ,
lighted lamps,
an attitude of worship
wrapped a thread
round and round
the tree trunk
to ensure
the same husband
seven incarnations more.

Now she does
her own
wrapping and fixing
the white thread
round and round
her nest
amidst the
tough worldly branches;
trying to ensure
not seven lives hence,
at least tomorrow
her family has a
safe and wonderful life.