Sunday, July 3, 2011

Why we must take flight with color....

Black and white,
like our
unavoidable politicians,
behave in extremes,
bad folks
into their
individual corners....

the original empty vessel,
King of Nothing,
but greatly loved
by those with money to hide.
Hated as a complexion
by mothers of glaucomic bridegrooms,
fair beauties with
jet black knee
length hair
and shining black doe eyes
are acceptable, thank you !

the original nouveau riche,
pure and blotless,
colonizing all the colors,
and brow beating them
into a white synthesis;
but shows up the dirt
of puffed up minds.

So much better
to be like the common man;

Where green,
is a jealous sick person,
but also a newcomer,
young and learning a skill....

where blue,
is someone missing someone,
but also
a child honestly
straining to explain,
that he did not
break the crystal vase,
preoccupied as he was
watching clouds
drifting in a blue sky......

where red,
is the danger sign,
and teacher's marks,
but also the
glimmer of a bride's
and the color of
the eyes at bidaaee....

where pink,
is the slow blush,
and a fresh rose,
and a child
coloring your face
in a drawing exam.....

where yellow,
is below-the-belt journalism,
and old waste papers,
but also
the brightness
of a summer day,
lashings of haldi,
hint of a ripening mango,
and the
perfumed color
of a champa flower.....

As for orange,
it's the threat of flames,
but mostly
the fruit and the juice,
and the color in our flag,
and the marigolds
the puja of the Gods...

White folks, black minds,
Black folks with white minds,
permute and combine that,
in a frenzy of ambition and power,.

And then wonder
how much nicer
it would be
to be
an ordinary citizen,
pink in innocence,
green in approach,
yellow in brightness,
blue as the sky
that gives cover to all,
red ,
as in
life giving haemoglobin,
and orange,
as in the fruit
he shares with all.....

I've always thought
ordinary folks
were so much
nicer than the
B and W politicians.

So why not ?
Take flight with color !

Submitted as an entry for the "Take Flight with Color" contest sponsored by HP LaserJet and Indiblogger.


  1. Ah colours ! Makes sense on the wall or in the mind ! :)

  2. Kavi I wouldnt want a red wall despite some paint companies making it. Mind, though , is OK :-) Thanks for the nice comment...(Just thought your comment was a nice copy for an ad for a paint company)

    quaintkal Thank you!

  3. Colours decoded fave White folks, black minds,
    Black folks with white minds,
    permute and combine that,
    in a frenzy of ambition and power

  4. Lovely lines Suranga! Simple yet so very poignant!!
    Best wishes for the contest :)