Friday, July 15, 2011

Going around in circles.....

My blogger friend, and enthusiastic photographer Shail Mohan has an amazing set of photographs, that capture her environment . She lives in a state, Kerala, which is the first to welcome the south-west monsoons in India.

Lush green gardens, typical plantain trees gracing a traditional garden, and the play of a raindrop, mostly on growing greens, but also sometimes on something man-made, as below.

(So typical in old cottage type or 1-2 floor houses, a water adjusting wheel valve (I just made up that name, don't know its engineering name :-) ), most kids in Mumbai will never have seen it, as it begins to leak, when the washer wears away.....)

(photograph by Shail Mohan)
seasonal showers,
a cool ecstasy,
making them travel
drunk and sinusoidal
on the edge,
dripping down.

And sometimes,
on a day
of hot desolation,
going around
worn out mental barriers,
your tears ,
leaking through,
across the ups and downs
of life....

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  1. I was out trying to find something to click when I noticed this raindrop :) Your poetry makes the picture all the more beautiful! Good work Suranga! :)