Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Letting go....

Another great photo from blogger friend Roshan K, taken while hiking in the Idukki region in Kerala, India's southernmost green state.

The state is known as God's Own Country. I guess the owner of those bare branches was thinking along similar lines......

(photo by Roshan K)
Bare evening
of her life,
shorne of all pretense
stuck between
an obstinate rock
a tough branch
of a power tree,
her bare arms,
watching her contemporaries
rushing effervescently
with the flow,

she would have said
"Take care, beware".

Now she wishes,
a little part
of her
could crack
and break away,
and float
way down
into the
joyous tumult.

A lifetime
of perceived
dutiful uprightness,
at the fag end,
having some missed out childlike fun....

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  1. joy tinged with sadness.... beautifully expressed