Thursday, July 28, 2011

Short Circuits in Life......

Blogger friend Abha Vatsa Midha posted this on G+. The photograph has a lot of attitude.

What struck me was the relentless swinging of the skipping rope, and the endless jumps of the younger entity. Certain all pervading strong companies , sometimes thought of as "Reliable", are very much getting entrenched in the power sector in India.

Monsoon, Mumbai, and Electrical Power , and/or its vanishing act is something we are too familiar with.

Just something that this graphic spoke.....

Big, reliable,
Pillars of Industry types,
twisting rules
and ropes,
to make
the small fry jump,
in helpless
false sympathy
stand by
their chance doesn't come.

While paid minions
may power
the swinging ropes,
there is jump fatigue
and end of tolerance
in the life of the small fry.

A slight slowing,
entangled feet,
and the Big Reliable two
will be
short circuited for life....

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