Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bozoical Enlightened Chases

Bozo, Mumbai's only dog-with-his-own-blog,  is acutely aware of how Mumbai has changed over the years.  Everyone is chasing something or the other.  Some because they are greedy, some because they don't think,  and some, in films, because they are paid to do so, unlike , Bozo himself,  who is an enlightened chap.  He may have been an impulsive chaser earlier.  He is now more thoughtful, (than many folks I know).

He still chases. And was unaware of Magiceye clicking him in action....

Like they say,
Times have changed.

Early on,
chasing was a hobby,
and I loved chasing
other dogs
who woofed messages to me,
young ones
running for school buses,
bossy noisy
cars and bikes,
the postman,
the fish vendor,
and in a foolish moment,
even Lassie of Carter Rd.

Things are different now.

I now chase
these pesky crows
off the balcony,
guys who throw
plastic water bottles
on the road,
heroes on bikes
who roar past me
the wrong way,
naughty young dogs
who alarm small kids,
furtively darting
rats and rabbits,
and on my daily walks,
even those who I think
trouble ladies while getting into buses.

And when
I am not being Citizen Bozo,
I lie
on the cool floor
beneath the divan,
dream of someone special,
and chase
my own dreams
in my mind...


  1. Sam Schnauzer says he totally understands and hopes Bozo has wonderful dreams!!!

  2. Nice!!! I like how Bozo's grown up unlike so many others around us!

  3. we have so much to learn from Bozo :)