Saturday, February 2, 2013

Khandvi , a rock and roll life.....

My Fb friend Avanti Mavinkurve recently posted a photo of this amazing traditional dish called Khandvi in Gujarat, and Suraleechya Wadya in Maharashtra, which she made in the US. 

Made from a judicious mixture of garbanzo flour (besan) and buttermilk (or Chhaas (Taak) made by churning yogurt),  lightly spiced,  heated to the correct consistency ,  then thinly spread across a flat surface, adorned with stuff, rolled up and tempered  with a flourish of crackling mustard seeds,  one needs practice to make this.  

While one could virtually taste this lipsmacking  stuff,  some Marathi and English words simply burst forth in celebration. 
(photograph by Avanti Mavinkurve)

दह्यात खळबळ माजून
आता स्वस्थ बसलेले ताक ,
थोड्याश्या लिंबाच्या रसाची
वाट बघत बसले.
संधी साधून बेसनराव
भेटायला आले ,
आणि वातावरण गरम होउ लागले .

थोडेसे मीठ , साखर, आले-मिरची ,
पण त्यात पडले,
गुंता सोडवायला
पळी व डाव अविरत हालचाल करू लागले .

शेवटी ताकेश्वरी आणि बेसन रावांच जमलं ,
आणि विवाहाप्रित्यर्थ
एकत्र ताटाच्या मंडपात ,
अक्शतांच्या पावसात
फोडणीच्या तालावर
सर्व सोहळा गुंडाळला गेला,
आणि हो,
वधूच नाव खांडवी ठेवलं गेलं .....
The quiet lull
in the life of a buttermilk
Lady Chhaas,
after a chaotic thrashing
in the yogurt,
kind of waiting
for a bit of lemon juice balm,
and the Besan Man
simply ups
an already hot situation.

The Salt,
and sugar,
a bit of berating from ginger-chilly types,
and the large spoons
try their best
to dissolve the misunderstandings.

A final appearance
of Lady Chhaas and Besan man
on the same page,
and the nuptials
take place
on the back of a steel plate,
amidst a confetti
of coriander, coconut,
some auspicious percussion
from the crackling mustard seeds,
as the carpet gets rolled up,
for the reception dance.

Oh! Incidentally,
the new bride
was given the name Khandvi...

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  1. Very interesting recipe in a poetry! Only you can do it!

    Will try tomorrow!