Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The glorious uncertainities in the gullies

My blogger friend, Anil P. , is a widely travelled trekker, travel writer, poet, photographer, and has been honored  by Lonely Planet , as a featured blogger in 2012.   

He clicked this on one of his sojourns in Kolkata, during Durga Puja days. Everyone is out, pandal hopping, except these 3 chaps.. Read his entire post here.

These three faithfuls, staying home , doing what all little boys in India do.  Using any little bit of space , pretending they are the India X1. (I know some boys who mouth the commentary as they play...)

So what if there are no stumps; a neighbor's doorway works fine.  So what if there is no umpire; and so what if you hit the Wall when you drive; Rahul Dravid always stood in the slips.  And how else do you train to bowl straight on to the stumps, err someone's schoolbag propped up with some shoes ?

The fine leg
is long and deep,
the square leg
is rectangular,
but nevertheless,
the ball flies
and is swept,
past the
lighted slips
in the gulleys
and Walls
and is
avidly watched.

They don't know it,
but it is not
a six.

the neighbor's tree
has done
an amazing leap
to take
a catch.

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