Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Secret of her Dental Beauty.....

There is a new generation of blogger dogs who interact these days. Bozo from Mumbai, Luci from Thhiruananthapuram, and Coco from Bengaluru, to just mention a few. 

Bozo and Coco are the chivalrous types,  and often look out for Luci , when she is up to , what everyone thinks, are her willful antics, like chewing up all kinds of stuff that catches her fancy.

Here is Luci, clicked by Shail Mohan , as  she shows of her brilliant teeth.

No drilling, no fillings, no root canal, no crowns or bridges, no gum surgeries.

Just an honest-to goodness hard chewing , more than 32 times, of whatever she feels like !

The Close-Up toothpaste types
by the whiteness
of our teeth

old pals
Luci and me
to pose for ads..

Till they found out the secret.

Energetic chewing of cushions
by the incisors
causing them to be
brushed with a lot of foam;
tearing of
the meek chappals
by the gunda canines
on the sides,
and mashing it all
and spitting
it all out
along with electric bills
bringing a spark to the teeth.

someone came too close
with the spectacles,
and they got chewed off too....


  1. I love it! I am all smiles reading it. Brilliant as usual, Suranga :)

  2. Am loving the new generation bloggers..they are honest and have no airs :)

  3. Lovely!!! Brought a big smile. My yellowing teeth need to chew a cushion or two:)

    1. Dipali, Thank you! (Rushes around looking for a cushion....)

  4. Brilliant as all your poetry is :). Like dipali said, I need to find a bone or some cushions to brighten up my own teeth.

  5. Fun post as always and what a beautiful dog -- and, yes, beautiful teeth as well!! Great smile to start my day!!

  6. Ab Luci ko nazar lag jayegi! Lovely words as usual, Suranga! You remember so many pictures of hers!

  7. If these bloggers take over.....toh hum toh gaye kaam se..................but they are the adorable kinds. Well done!

  8. Electric bills adding spark to the teeth :D Awesome