Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bozoical Suspicions

Bozo,our hero and Mumbai's only dog-with-his-own-blog  is taking it a bit easy at breakfast these days.  Used as he is to some excellent traditional North Canara delicacies and Maharashtrian preparations,  once in a while it makes sense to break some bread with folks. Not the sliced variety, but the plump freshly baked Pav, pieces of which one tears off and never slices.

And while you can see him greatly enjoying it, as he traipses around the balcony, you may be surprised to note what is actually going through his mind.....

When I was little,
like you,
I ate whatever
appeared on my plate;
but unlike you,
no one had to tell me
to finish it.

I just loved hanging around
the table
at breakfast,
getting drunk
on the inviting smells
dosa and kande pohe
to name a few
wonderful things.

And then eating it !

I still do.

But then like you,
I am sometimes
in a hurry,
and naturally,
I must have some
"fast" food.

A fresh fragrant Pav,
a piece torn off
crunched between my teeth,
as I multitask,
charging around,
shooing of the crows,
in the balcony,
hankering after my stuff...

Which is actually OK.

I just heard
Kande Pohe "meetings"
and maybe
it is time
for me to
just lie low,
chewing my Pav
under the divan,

Maybe some
Prospective Interested Parent Types
saw me on the Net ?

1 comment:

  1. I remembered Nike, a small pup whom we had with us for a month. We used to give him biscuits, which he used to take in his mouth and collect it in his dining MRF ash tray which came as a gift from one of their employees...MRF's. After collecting 4-5, he used to sit there and eat them slowly, one by one. If we make some sound like '' he used to leave the biscuits, come to us running, bark, make one full round and go back to continue eating!

    This BOZO seems to be an interesting character...No wonder you write about him always! Love you, Bozo boy!