Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Bells of Mayapur

My friend Braja Sorenson,  lives in Paschim Banga in the village of Mayapur, on the banks of a tributary of the Ganga. She often captures the sights and sounds of the area, which is full of fields, riverboats, simple folks, Krishna temples, and prayers.

As she says " Seriously, all you need to do is listen to the bells ringing in this little town, that's all the solutions anyone needs....."

One of her clicks below.  

Big, small,
hefty, dainty,
some simply hanging,
some additionally
tied up confused

in knots,
they all wait
to be part of the praise
and prayer.

that the best music
with a devoted
moving touch,
that makes you
swing in prayer
with all those around you,
ringing away in joy,
despite those
thought holding
individual chains
trying to keep you in place...


  1. The sounds of a temple bell ringing is soothing to the soul :)

    Beautifully expressed Surangaji

  2. I love your words, as always Suranga....xo

  3. Perfect words for Braja, Suranga!!