Sunday, April 14, 2013

Bozo Waits.....

Bozo, Mumbais dog-blogger, is absolutely restless with anticipation. His folks are scheduled to return shortly from their visit to the Queen's country and nearby places.

He has seen some of the pictures they have sent, specially from Dog shows in Birmingham.    All those glistening golden and jet black folks, performing  for audiences, with smiles and yoga and stuff.....   Makes it sound like Miss World-Doggies.

Somehow, it is not the real thing.   Give him a nice random run through Bandra on a cool morning, sneezing at cats and butterflies,  snorting at badly parked cars, and cracking up at Lassie types who think they are performing in Birmingham ; that too, on Carter Rd.... :-)

I've been up
with my legs
on the balcony railing,
searching the traffic,
looking at the pictures,
in the Facebook of my Mind.

All those
drizzling days,
orderly traffic,
rarefied crowds,
wax statues,
and restaurants in the snow.

A friend
got figured
in the A-Z blogathon , at L;
I thought B would be me,
but alas,
it was
the Day of the Black Dog.

Never mind.

Give me
a cool floor
on a hot summer evening,
a walk amidst rubble
a drive
in a car with windows down,
a growl at troublesome types,
an interesting bird chase
in the balcony,
the fragrance of dosas
as we return,
lurking near the kitchen,
and a house that is full.

Waiting for folks,
and practising
my highest jump
to greet them
on their return......