Tuesday, April 16, 2013

In High Places

A great capture of an individualistic standing tree posted by my FB friend Pandit Gourang Kodical  of Bengaluru. 

Brings to  mind,  what must go through the minds of those, who inhabit high places , way at the top, reaching for sometimes turbulent skies ....

And I often wonder why trees so high up, are never huge shady ones encompassing so much  and so many .  They are usually alone, upright, and successfully battling troubles way up there...

Ways of the world .....

In high places,
touching the skies,
those supreme
at the top
often forget,

those barren amorphous
but dedicated rocks,
those small
hardworking grasses,
and those selflessly networking
subterranean streams
of thoughtful water
that nurture
all that growth.

A supremely individual
in this scheme of things
with no shade
for those around
who slog.

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