Saturday, April 20, 2013

Flowers of the Earth

Sometimes you read certain meanings into visuals based on some perceptions of current events. In the country. Events that disgust, disappoint, and make you despair.

Then you think of a peaceful Valley of Flowers in the foothills of the  Himalayas, and think how lucky those little flowers are....

My FB and blogger friend, travel writer, photographer Nisha Jha, posted this visual
and made me think all over again.....

you are probably
luckier than most
if you are such a flower.


A firm chaperoning
by a no nonsense stem,
the company of so many others,
younger and older,
a lovely playing field,
amidst meadows and valleys,
a few birds and bees
communicating with great respect,
a fresh blooming every morning,
one day,
a gentle drop into the
hands of an earth
that makes you its own.

No wild slashing
by demented opportunists,
no killing off as buds,
and no fake words
from those who have never known
what it is to be a

What do they know,
who only
indulge in making rules
to enter gardens .....
and then forget
for who they are meant.....

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