Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Real Jungle

My FB friend Pandit Gourang Kodical ji  posted this visual , and  I was struck by the sheer distrust and helplessness in this mother's eyes.

Given what has been happening in our country's capital and elsewhere. 

While real jungles are being trashed by spurious industrialization, land sharks and poachers, new dangerous ones are being created . 

In cities. In minds.    

No world
for small children, this.

Who must I trust,
with so many

amidst my own ?

I cannot
leave her alone
and go out
to look for food,
I cannot
carry her with me.

And so she clings
in hunger
picking at
some straws
in the wind
as we take a breather
on a branch...

A question
for so many jungle folks.

who have devolved
from being bipeds,
and created
horrendous jungles
of their minds.

There used to be
a Law of the Jungle .

Is it,
like protection and safety,
extinct now ?


  1. :-(
    Yes, a feeling of sheer helplessness...

  2. Awwww .. You paint a very sad picture Suranga... A heartbreaking one, there must surely come a day when the greedy will have to alter their ideas otherwise 'all God's creatures' including mankind are doomed......