Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Sunflower Airport

This visual was posted by FB friend Prasanna Shiroor. It so happened that I had just seen a posting by him , featuring the new International Airport Terminal  scheduled to open in Mumbai, along with photos. And the butterfly landing situation bore an uncanny resemblance to semicircular plane parking bays that we often see. 

There is an uncanny similarity in the concepts of an aeroplane and a butterfly flying in to land. 

But the similarity ends right there.

Read more to find out why ....

It flies in,
resplendent in the
species colors,
unfazed by the

of the premises,
the gates,
the landings;
no humans waving flags,
no trolley cars
lumbering around,
and no jeeps
the huge flying machines.

inbuilt navigation system
powered by
the smell of nectar,
shapes of structures,
and colors;
and walled in
by silken petals,
a free run
of the premises,
with possibly
only a bee,
buzzing around,
staking its claim
to what could be
an infinite supply
of nectar...

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