Sunday, April 7, 2013

पग कॉलर बांध, तू वापस आवे रे .....a Bozoical plea....

Bozo, Mumbai's blogging dog, has taken to highlighting  problems of dogs, who have gone abroad chasing the arclights, have seen the real life, and wish to return.

One of his old friends from Mumbai, an erstwhile fellow walker,  this pug , was clicked by Magiceye  on his ongoing trip to the Queen's country. 

There is a story behind why this fellow is upset . Not that he looks different at other times, since this is his God given beauty,  but it takes a friend like Bozo, to look deep inside....

पग कॉलर बांध, तू वापस आवे  रे .......

This friend of mine
is upset.

A nice friendly chap,
great with children,
walked the talk
for Vodaphone
on TV,
and then
like "curry"
and "chicken tikka"
went to the UK
where he appeared in Dog Shows
and got clicked by Deepak.

The Vodaphones
who have jilted him
now run after zoo-zoos,
he hates
the cold weather,
and wishes he was
with me in Mumbai,
there are
so many interesting things
to smell
on an average road....

Given the Uncle system
that works here,
having an Uncle
working with Airtel....?

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