Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Bozoical balance ....

Bozo, Mumbai's blogging Dog is thrilled to bits.

His folks are back from their visit to see the Queen, or should I say Princess.....    and have returned with a bag of goodies for him. 

In the meanwhile, things have happened in Bozo's world, and he recently lost two of his friends Sam and Chinnu.    So he has turned a bit more philosphical (actually, he was always philosphical)  and learning to  how to enjoy stuff in a kind of balanced way.....

Life has a way
of teaching you
to keep your feet
on the ground.

I leaped with excitement
on seeing my folks
from their visit
to the Queen,
and kept a surreptitious eye
on the  bag
which I know
has been sent specially for me.

I just can't stop
following folks around,
sitting and getting
my neck rubbed and scratched,
just enjoying
the return of the Family,
and I love the goodies
I get to sample
one at a time....

Maybe it is age,
maybe I am like that only,
it's just that
I lost two dear friends
Sam and Chinnu,
and can't help thinking
of them.

They say
happiness increases
by woofs and bounds
when you share it.

I wish they were around to share the goodies....


  1. सुंदर. या वर आम्ही आणि काय बोलू ?

    1. बहु असोत सुंदर शवान किती अहा !
      प्रिय अमुचा एक मित्र बोझो पहा ...

  2. Sad that Chinnu and Sam aren't around.But glad that Bozo's folks are back with goodies for him!

  3. Suranga, touched. So happy that Bozo got those treats. More so, that his folks are back to hug him and make him feel special :) Sorry about Sam also not being there. Chinnu and Sam are probably looking down at Bozo, and urging him to make himself a happy day! Thank you so very much!

  4. Should I say that Bozo is the lucky one or his family>!

    Happy for Bozo...good to know that his family is back and with goodies for him!