Sunday, July 21, 2013

Bozo ka Budday !

Bozo, Mumbai's blogger dog, is a standing example of why "nurture"  wins over "nature"  , most of the time.  

He has had his wild years, infatuations, usual teenage problems, but all along he has been a great observer of how people behave.  Particularly on their birthday.

It is Bozo's birthday today, He will no doubt get special treats, a wonderful bath and brushing, but amidst all this, Bozo has not forgotten, something he learned from the children of the house. 

If his pose in this photograph puzzles you, read on......

Growing up
with the young ones
of the family,
I learnt many things....

there was
a time to play,
a time to study,
a time to sleep,
as well as
a time to play tricks,
a time to keep secrets,
a time to tease,
and always,
a time to laugh.

But I also learned,
that on your birthday,
you think of all you have
and thank someone for it.
sometimes by going
to the temple,
and sometimes,
by touching the feet
and doing namaskar,
to the elders of the house.

Deepak clicked me
doing my birthday namaskar
to Grandma....


  1. A very Happy Birthday to you, Bozo!!!

  2. Very good birthday present for the great BOZO! Happy birthday Bozo boy!

  3. Happy Happy B'Day Bozo..Have a Great time ahead..:-)