Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Mind Traumas....

Luci Shail, Kerala's leading royal blogging dog lady, is very upset, and trying to face it bravely all on her own. Her "Mom" who is also her constant companion along with the camera, is across the seas, on a visit, and Luci wants her to return soon.

But like her cousin Bozo in Mumbai, she thinks a lot, and reasons out things for herself.

Being  so young, she is not so good at hiding her emotions yet..... but she is learning!

(photo by Shail)
a Queen is a prisoner
of her mind.


searching for someone,
is bad.

What is worse,
is some birds
who keep posing
on wires and trees,
who keep reminding me of
how i disapprove and
hover around as she clicks.

They say a son is never yours
and the daughter is yours
for life;
she's gone away to her son,
and the daughter
even though otherwise
a Queen,
pines away,
behind the mind bars.....

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  1. Aww... I know. She looks so forlorn in this one! Sigh.