Monday, July 15, 2013

Unch Ticha Jhoka

My about-to-be FB friend, and friend-of-a-friend Prashant Godbole just posted this amazing visual, coincidentally just when the wonderful Marathi serial "Unch Maazha Jhoka" based on the life and times of the late Ramabai Ranade and her husband Justice Mahadeo Govind Ranade , came to its logical end.

Their lives were dedicated, among other things, to education, training and freedom from harmful social customs for women.

 This visual simply shows it all. The strides taken by the woman today , her confidence, her handling of tough stuff, and the gentle support of the male of the household. She is almost like the machine, but with a mind, and better strength....

Clearly, this is NOT the story everywhere. But it is good to know that yes, the women have come a long long way.....

Do check out Prashant Godbole's site  as well as his work  here....

The lifetime shock absorber,
guaranteed suspension support,
occasional brake,
creative clutch handler,
steering them all
to progress,
potholed roads,
narrow greens ,
often trudging up mountains,
holding up mirrors
to reflect her success
to those who encouraged her.

So many tunnels,
so many chowkeys,
sometimes paying tolls in life.

She stops,
takes a deep breath,
fixes her palloo around herself,
an almighty kick
as she idles,
looking around ,
and accelerates into the future.


  1. love the picture and the poem :)

  2. Such a lovely photo of an inspiring scene. The poem does justice to the moment. Atta girl....waroom