Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Showstopper for Bhagwan and Devi....

Once again, my FB and blogger friend, Dhiren Shah, celebrating the acquisition of a new 55-300 Nikon lens in Bharuch, Gujarat, in the garden of his house.

 Very clearly, this lizard has seen it all.

Folks with Nikons darting through trees, leaning down from balconies, chasing birds in trees. And now , a lizard cannot even perform at a Fashion Show in peace.

What are gardens coming to, these days, I say ......?

(photograph by Dhiren Shah)
He slithers down
the brick and leafy ramp,
metallic outfit,
and punk hairdo intact,
to strike

a model fashion pose,
as he glances
at the Nikonwala with beady eyes.

Not everyone
gets to model
color changing designs
of Bhagwan & Devi,
at the
55-300 Garden Fashion Week 2013
and I hope
the Bharuchwala
realizes how special I am ......

P. S. I may be a lizard model, but Dhiren, you need to watermark your photographs of folks like me.  


  1. Awesome!!! you are right, this one has an attitude!

  2. I guess I will take that advice of watermarking.. its just a pain and I get lazy!

    this Calote is a guy with some real attitude. :D