Sunday, July 14, 2013

Bozoical Windows

It is not surprising to note that, in Bozo's world,  like in our own, there are folks obsessed with beauty, fairness,  and so on.   It is also not surprising to note, that Bozo,  like  a sensible fellow , despite being a prospective  unwilling model for Fair and Lovely, actually shuns all this stuff.

He has his own take on beautiful features. His own and those of others. 

He isn't averse to posing.  But it doesn't change the way he thinks.

(Sigh.  And I thought the bipeds evolved a cerebral cortex....)

I have known some,
with secret filmy ambitions,
who traipse around
the promenade at Land's End
in their golden glory,
fluttering theirs
at filmy Alsatians and Great Danes
out for a walk with their folks.

Then I have known some,
little ones,
who have such amazing hairstyles,
à la Beatles
that they aren't aware
that they have eyelashes
until they fall asleep...

But I am happy the way I am.

I don't flutter mine,
at anyone,
but simply
treat them like
a window curtain.

When I raise them,
I see the sunrise,
the beautiful flowers,
the plants and birds
in the balcony,
something yummy
in the kitchen,
and mostly,
all my folks,
some of who,
have eyelashes,
I think, 
the same color as mine....