Tuesday, July 2, 2013

No country for butterflies

My FB and blogger friend,avid traveller,photographer,food enthusiast, and nature and wildlife lover Dhiren Shah, posted this on FB, possibly in celebration of acquiring a new lens for his Nikon.

For some reason, the attitude, pose and outfitting of this butterfly, reminded me of convocations at universities  and institutes, where  the chief guest, always an eminent person, solemnly draped in the convocation gown arrives and addresses the audience , standing at a lectern , exactly like this butterfly. Hands on the lectern before him, holding sheets, looking up occasionally .......

And then it is all about what we wish would happen and what actually happens.....

(photograph by Dhiren Shah)
He arrives,
resplendent in his
convocation gown
of stunning yellow
bordered in black,
by the
solemn academic procession
of bees, moths,
and dragonflies.

on a green dais
holding on to a green lectern,
occasional glasses
on his head
to read the garden message,
he addresses
the graduating
flowers ,leaves and caterpillars.

Half way through
he hears a crack
as the wood is hit,
the lectern shakes,
his leafy pages slide away,
as the audience
and he
scurry and fly away,
what they have always known.

The biped lobby
is at it again,
and will run over them all
with concrete
in the days to come.


  1. Omg Suranga, your description fits the butterfly to a tee. I almost see it standing at the lectern. Cool observation. And the words, brilliant as usual. The bipeds destroy everything around them :(

  2. How beautifully this verse fits the butterfly. In awe of your detailed description in verse.

    Bravo, Suranga.

    Joy always,